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    Property Investments in Liverpool

    Looking for lucrative property investment in Liverpool, but not sure where to begin? You’ve come to the right place. Brite Developments is here to talk you through the benefits of property investment in Liverpool, the local housing market, and the best areas for investment. 

    At Brite Developments, we have extensive experience and expertise in helping investors, buyers, and developers alike to secure ideal finance and property opportunities that suit their investment needs. 

    To discuss property investment in Liverpool with our experts, get in touch today and we’ll get back in touch in no time!

    Why Is Liverpool Such a Fantastic City to Invest in?

    Situated in Merseyside, in the North West of England, the city of Liverpool is the eighth most populated city in the UK with 466,415 inhabitants. The wider Liverpool area is the fifth largest metropolitan area in the UK, home to an estimated population of 2.24 million. 

    With many different exciting developments and potential for economic growth, there are a wide variety of property investment opportunities – ranging from rental properties to property development alike – suitable for all different budgets. 

    But what makes property investment in Liverpool so attractive? 

    Transport Links

    One of the greatest benefits of investing in Liverpool is its connectivity to the wider North West Area, as well as the rest of the UK. It is perfectly situated and equipped for trans-Pennine and cross country travel. 

    There are four main train stations in the city centre, connecting Liverpool with the North West and wider national cities: 

    Liverpool Lime Street 

    Liverpool Central 

    Liverpool James Street 


    You can also take a ferry across the Mersey – a world-famous journey offered by Mersey Ferries. There are another two ferry routes departing from Liverpool. This time their destination a bit further afield, crossing over to Belfast and Dublin in around 8 hours. 


    Liverpool is an affordable place to live. In fact, statistics show that Liverpool is 46% less expensive to live in than London

    Local Culture and History

    Liverpool has long since been regarded as a cultural and historical hub of the North West – it was even named European Capital of Culture 2008

    Through continued regeneration, the city has an eclectic mix of architecture and attractions that span right back to its industrial roots. 

    Musical History of Liverpool

    Top Historical and Cultural Attractions in Liverpool

    In addition to acknowledging the area’s most celebrated musicians, there’s no shortage of historical and cultural sights, attractions, and entertainment in Liverpool. Some of the most popular attractions in the area are:

    Those who enjoy shopping and dining can benefit from Liverpool ONE. Boasting over 170 stores, bars, and restaurants, and spanning over 40 acres, it is one of the largest open-air shopping centres in the UK – located right in the heart of the city centre. 


    A Large Student Population

    As such a diverse and vibrant city, it is no surprise that Liverpool continues to draw a large student population that increases year on year. With so many respected institutions, the student advisory service Top Universities estimates that Liverpool now boasts a student population of around 70,000

    There are three major universities in Liverpool: 

    How Does This Impact Property Investment in Liverpool?

    After living in halls of residence during the first year, many students will turn to private rental accommodation whilst they complete their studies. As they enter the job market after graduation, renting remains the top choice – which adds further value to any property investment in Liverpool


    The Housing Market in Liverpool

    In 2021, Liverpool was named one of the most affordable cities to purchase a house in the whole of the UK. Despite a 10.5% house price growth thanks to the cost-of-living crisis and growth of the property market, the average house price in Liverpool in 2022 is around £174,890 – which is significantly less than the national average (£299,248). 

    However, the 10.5% increase in house prices is indicative of increasing demand and thus growing the housing market in Liverpool. This means that, as house prices continue to rise, the value of the investment property in Liverpool will increase, and capital growth is maximised. 

    As a result, property investment in Liverpool benefits from being both cost efficient and offers a greater return on investment, plus excellent yields, with future growth. 

    What Is the Rental Market Like in the City?

    Investors in residential property, and those interested in the development of houses, can benefit from strong yields in the current rental market. Buy-to-let property is one of the most lucrative options, particularly. 


    As more people turn to renting during the cost-of-living crisis, the rental market is predicted to continue growing – and the opportunity for increased rental yields along with it. But what are the best areas to invest in Liverpool for renting?

    Start Your Property Investment Journey in Liverpool with Brite Developments

    As an experienced development team boasting wide-spanning expertise throughout the financial industry, we have the knowledge to help you put your first foot on the investment ladder – or help seasoned investors to maximise their returns, growth, and yields

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